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E.g., 06/23/2017
E.g., 06/23/2017
Ticket # Item Type Item Description Item Image Location Found
37865 Electronics Laptop Irving K Barber Library
37863 Electronics I pad Sauder Other
37861 Other Fitbit found at The UBC Science Bldg. Other
37859 Phone Found outside The Nest. NEST
37853 Other Card/ID Holder found May 30/17 at Koerner Centre during Grad Time Other
37851 Electronics Microphone Protector Rose Garden Parkade June 18, 2017, after an event Parking Area
37849 Electronics Microphone Protector Rose Garden Parkade June 18, 2017, after an event Parking Area
37847 Bag/Pack/Case Pencil Case Other
37845 Jewelry Necklace Found in SRC Bird Coop over weekend Athletic Area
37843 Keys Music June 15/17 Other
37841 Keys keys on a lanyard Other
37839 Keys Car keys found Jun 14/17 near Totem park Housing Area
37837 Jewelry Watch found in clothing section of Bookstore Other
37835 Other Gift Bag Buch A101 Jun 14/17 Other
37833 Clothing Hoodie Alumni Centre Other
37831 Books/Binders Journal Alumni Centre Other
37829 Other Picture Class of 2017 Alumni Centre Other
37827 Electronics Charger Alumni Centre Other
37825 Other Pair of boots Jun 14/17 Alumni Centre Food Outlet
37823 Keys Car fob CEME Other
37821 Electronics Charger found CEME Other
37819 Electronics Headphones CEME Other
37817 Phone Cellphone CEME 1215 Other
37815 Electronics Calculator found May 27th Room EDC 301 CEME Other
37813 Clothing Scarf found at CEME Other
37811 Clothing Hoodie found in clothing area of Bookstore Other
37809 Clothing Hoodie found in clothing area of Bookstore Other
37807 Glasses Found outside The Nest. Pedestrian Area
37805 Electronics Fit Bit Friedman Bldg begind David Strangway last Thursday Other
37803 Jewelry Ring Level 2 Rose Garden Parkade Parking Area
37801 Electronics Charger cable picked up from Irving K Jun 11/17 Library
37799 Jewelry Ring Picked up From Irving K Jun 11/17 Library
37797 Glasses Sunglasses and eyeglasses Picked up Irving K Jun 11/17 Housing Area
37795 Electronics Charger Picked up from Irving K Jun 11/17 Library
37793 Bag/Pack/Case Pencil Case Irving K picked up Jun 11 Food Outlet
37791 Clothing Hoodie Irving K Barber Library
37789 Electronics Messaging Systems Irving K Barber Library
37787 Keys Set of Keys June 11/17 The Nest NEST
37785 Clothing Black bag with various clothing items The Nest Jun 11/17 NEST
37783 Glasses Eyeglasses found Jun 9, 2017 outside Lower Mall Research Station and Marine Drive Other
37781 Glasses Eyeglasses found Jun 9, 2017 outside Lower Mall Research Station and Marine Drive Other
37779 Glasses Eyeglasses found Jun 9, 2017 outside Lower Mall Research Station and Marine Drive Other
37775 Bag/Pack/Case Pencil Case with personal items inside - Not pencils/pens/etc.
37773 Jewelry Necklace or Handband Woodward Library Food Outlet
37771 Electronics Cd from Woodward Library Library
37769 Jewelry Single Earring - Found at the UBC Bookstore Other
37767 Jewelry Necklace - Found outside Nest NEST
37765 Other Massage Tool Wesbrook Building Other
37763 Glasses Eyeglasses Wesbrook Building Other
37759 Clothing Sweater - Kenny Building
37755 Bag/Pack/Case Pencil Case found outside Bookstore Other
37751 Jewelry Ring found June 7/17 at 99B Line at Village Other
37749 Bag/Pack/Case Pencil Case Other
37747 Jewelry Earring The Nest NEST
37743 Electronics Charger The Nest NEST
37741 Glasses Glasses found at South Campus Warehouse. Other
37739 Jewelry Ring found outside Campus Security Pedestrian Area
37737 Keys Keys and Fob NEST
37735 Other Columbia Passport Other
37729 Camera Camera found at Corner Store at Bookstore Jun 2/17 Food Outlet
37727 Wallet Empty card holder Other
37725 Electronics Stylus Other
37723 Jewelry Watch Other
37721 Bag/Pack/Case Pencil Case Other
37719 Clothing Scarf Other
37717 Jewelry Ring Other
37715 Keys keys Other
37713 Keys car fob and other keys Other
37711 Clothing Pair of gloves Other
37709 Clothing Bag with sneakers and other items Other
37707 Camera Part of Antique Camera Case Flagpole by Rose Garden Graduation Area Pedestrian Area
37705 Jewelry Ring - Found at Buchanan A
37703 Jewelry Bracelet - Found Buchanan A
37699 Other Gift Mug Alumni Centre Other
37697 Clothing Toque Alumni Centre Other
37695 Books/Binders Alumni Centre Other
37693 Books/Binders German Music Book Alumni Centre Other
37691 Other pair of boots Alumni Centre Other
37689 Clothing Labcoat Alumni Centre Other
37687 Clothing Open Hoodie Alumni Centre Other
37685 Clothing Skirt Alumni Centre Other
37683 Other Camera Strap Alumni Centre Other
37681 Other Sheet/Tablecloth Alumni Centre Other
37679 Clothing Scarf Alumni Centre Other
37677 Clothing Baseball hat outside Bookstore Pedestrian Area
37675 Glasses Eyeglasses outside Nest NEST
37673 Glasses Found at Beaty Museum
37671 Clothing Gloves - Found at Beaty Biodiversity Museum
37669 Jewelry Small ring - Found at Beaty Biodiversity Museum Other
37667 Electronics Cellphone Found May 12, 2017 at Forest Science Centre Other
37665 Clothing Scarf - Found in Bookstore by Starbucks Other
37663 Electronics Charger Pharmaceutical Science Other
37661 Electronics Charger found Pharmaceutical Science Other
37659 Electronics Charger found Pharmaceutical Science Other
37657 Glasses Eyeglasses in a case Pharmaceutical Science Other
37655 Keys Pharmacy Other
37653 Keys Pharmacy Other
37651 Jewelry Necklace and one earring Pharmacy Other
37649 Keys Key found between USB and West Parkade Parking Area
37647 Electronics Battery Pack Other
37641 Bag/Pack/Case Leather Bag found in Fraser River Parkade Parking Area
37639 Jewelry Ring found on the West 16th path beside the forest. Other
37637 Jewelry Bracelet found at The Chan Centre. Other
37635 Clothing Jacket - Found at Law Library
37633 Glasses Sunglasses - Found at the NEST NEST
37631 Wallet Found at the nest NEST
37627 Other small toy Other