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E.g., 04/28/2017
E.g., 04/28/2017
Ticket # Item Type Item Description Item Image Location Found
37417 Jewelry necklace - math Other
37413 Electronics headphone jack - law Other
37411 Keys keys - north parkade Parking Area
37409 Keys Nissan car key plus other keys - unknown location Other
37407 Glasses Aqua/brown glasses found at an unknown location. Other
37405 Jewelry Necklace found at Nitobe Tea House. Other
37403 Bag/Pack/Case Backpack AMS NEST
37401 Books/Binders Binder-AMS NEST
37399 Glasses Sun glasses NEST
37391 Keys Keys found at Law Library. Library
37389 Books/Binders Two small lined notebooks found at Law Library. Library
37387 Electronics Short apple usb/power jack found at Law Library. Library
37385 Bag/Pack/Case Laptop Case NEST
37375 Glasses Pair of Eyeglasses left in Corner Store at Bookstore about 2 weeks ago Food Outlet
37373 Books/Binders Book - Left at the Access Desk
37371 Clothing Purple toque. NEST
37369 Clothing Aviator hat. NEST
37367 Bag/Pack/Case Orange/black backpack. NEST
37365 Phone Phone found outside the UBC Bookstore on Apr/13/17. Pedestrian Area
37361 Keys Car Key and Fob The Nest NEST
37359 Glasses Sunglasses The Nest NEST
37357 Wallet From The Nest NEST
37355 Electronics Pencil for I pad Mezzanine of Bookstore Other
37353 Electronics Charger Irving K Barber Library
37351 Electronics Charger Irving K barber Library
37349 Electronics Mac Charger Irving K. Barber Library
37347 Electronics Laptop and other various items in a bag Library
37345 Bag/Pack/Case Purse with a Tie Inside Irving K Barber Library
37343 Other Dolly/Handcart found in West Parkade, Level 2 SE Staircase Parking Area
37341 Jewelry Ring found at the fountain by Main Mall and University Blvd. Pedestrian Area
37337 Phone cell phone Gage tower Other
37321 Books/Binders A novel found at IRC. Other
37319 Bag/Pack/Case Black empty backpack found at IRC. Other
37301 Other Canadian cross card Library
37299 Jewelry bracelet Library
37297 Other bike lock Library
37295 Bag/Pack/Case laptop stand Library
37293 Keys key Housing Area
37291 Bag/Pack/Case backpack Irving K. Barber Library
37289 Clothing Sweater/Cardigan Irving K. Barber Library
37287 Bag/Pack/Case Pencil Case Irving K. Barber Library
37285 Bag/Pack/Case Beat Headphone Case Only Irving K. Barber Library
37283 Electronics Mouse Irving K. Barber Library
37281 Electronics Remote Control Irving K. Barber Library
37279 Other Air miles cards Sauder Library
37277 Jewelry 1 earring at Sauder Library
37275 Glasses Sunglasses at Sauder Library
37273 Electronics Mouse Sauder Library
37271 Electronics Calculator Sauder Library
37269 Other Clairol Hair Dye Sauder Library
37267 Clothing Toque Sauder Library
37265 Clothing 1 motorcycle glove Sauder Library
37263 Books/Binders Book lost at Sauder Food Outlet
37261 Clothing Scarf Sauder Library
37259 Clothing Ladies Jacket with Fur Lined Hood Sauder Library
37257 Keys Keys with a blue lanyard were turned in to The Donald Rix Bldg. Other
37253 Electronics Calculator Apr 5/17 Woodward Library Library
37251 Glasses Sunglasses Woodward Library Apr 4/17 Library
37249 Clothing Toque Woodward Mar 29/17 Library
37247 Books/Binders Book Woodward Library Library
37245 Bag/Pack/Case 2 Books from SFU at Woodward March 26, 2017 Library
37243 Glasses Eyeglasses left in New Release Area in Bookstore Other
37241 Books/Binders Student Planner Nest NEST
37239 Bag/Pack/Case Backpack grade 7 student West Point Grey called the school NEST
37231 Clothing Long Black Jacket Block Party NEST
37229 Clothing Vest from Block Party NEST
37225 Jewelry Watch found yesterday Irving K Barber Library
37223 Phone cell phone Other
37219 Jewelry Brooch/Pin found in the Hub Other
37217 Keys Keys found at Irving K. Barber. Library
37215 Glasses Sunglasses (in case) - Found at the NEST NEST
37211 Glasses Swimming Goggles found in the Bookstore Other
37201 Clothing White bag with a fleece jacket and exercise type top Alumni Centre last week Other
37199 Clothing Large camoflauge gloves Alumni Centre last week Other
37195 Clothing Lab Coat Alumni Centre last week Other
37193 Clothing Ladies Sport Top Alumni Centre last week Other
37191 Clothing Toque Alumni Centre last week Other
37189 Clothing Toque Alumni Centre Last Week Other
37187 Clothing Ladies Coat Alumni Centre last week Other
37185 Electronics Headphones found at The Liu Institute. Other
37183 Electronics phone connecter Other
37175 Clothing Pair of gloves Irving K Barber Library
37173 Glasses Eyeglasses Irving K Barber Library
37169 Jewelry Men's Watch Irving K Barber Library
37167 Jewelry Possible Engineering Ring Irving K Barber Library
37163 Electronics Calculator Irving K Barber Library
37161 Phone Cell phone basketball court Athletic Area
37159 Jewelry Men's watch Vantage College over the weekend first name Alex Other
37137 Electronics Power charger found - unknown location. Other
37131 Keys Keys - car key and fob and other keys found Buchanan around 2:30 2nd Floor Other
37129 Bag/Pack/Case Backpack with leather jacket, hat, etc found Mar 22/17 9:30 pm Basement Woodward Library on a computer desk turned in to Woodward Mar 24/17 Food Outlet
37127 Other Ear Muffs brought in my Custodial Other
37125 Electronics Charger found Swing Space Rm 122 March 10, 2017 Other
37123 Jewelry Bracelet Turned in by Custodial Other
37121 Other Contractor's Knife left behind Gate Mar 28/17 Student Union Bldg NEST
37119 Phone Cellphone left in Bathroom at the Bookstore Other
37117 Glasses Glasses in a red case found at The Scarfe Bldg. Other
37115 Glasses Glasses found at The Scarfe Bldg. Other
37113 Glasses Glasses found at Scarfe Bldg. Other
37111 Glasses Glasses found at Scarfe. Other
37109 Glasses Glassed found at Woodward Library. Library
37103 Clothing Sweater found Mar 29, 2017 Mezzanine in the Bookstore Close above Starbucks Other
37099 Clothing Burgundy/blue sweater found at Mathematics Bldg. Other
37097 Bag/Pack/Case Longchamp Tote Bag Sauder Other
37095 Clothing Knitted Hat Sauder Other
37093 Jewelry One Earring Sauder Other
37091 Jewelry Earring Sauder Other
37089 Jewelry Bracelet Sauder Other
37087 Jewelry Ladies Ring Sauder Other
37085 Jewelry Men's Ring Sauder Other
37083 Jewelry Men's Ring Sauder Other
37081 Electronics Calculator Sauder Other
37079 Jewelry Watch Found Mar 9/17 Henry Angus 350 during Comm 445 Other
37077 Electronics Calculator Sauder Other
37073 Glasses Eyeglasses in a case Sauder Other
37071 Glasses Eyeglasses Sauder Other
37069 Electronics Headphones over the ear Sauder Other
37067 Electronics MP3 Player Sauder Other
37065 Electronics Calculator IRC Other
37063 Keys key found bookstore Other
37061 Bag/Pack/Case Pencil Case Sauder Other
37059 Other Wind Chime Sauder Other
37057 Clothing Scarf/Shawl Sauder Other
37055 Clothing Scarf/Shawl Sauder Other
37053 Clothing Scarf Sauder Other
37051 Other Mat made in Turkey Sauder Other