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E.g., 09/20/2017
E.g., 09/20/2017
Ticket # Item Type Item Description Item Image Location Found
38483 Bag/Pack/Case back pack Other
38481 Electronics Laptop in black case
38479 Clothing Jacket left in Ponderosa Room 003 Sep 18/17
38477 Glasses Sunglasses
38475 Jewelry Ring turned in by Custodial
38473 Wallet Woman's back wallet/purse found in the Bookstore Other
38469 Electronics phone Other
38465 Other keys Other
38453 Clothing cap Other
38445 Electronics Charger NEST
38443 Bag/Pack/Case pencil case woodward Other
38441 Clothing sweater - woodward Other
38439 Books/Binders Case - Woodward Other
38437 Electronics Laptop Maybe Hennings Other
38433 Keys NEST
38431 Keys NEST
38429 Other Gift certificates. NEST
38427 Keys Keys found IRC Theater Other
38423 Books/Binders Workbook found in an unknown location. Other
38413 Phone cell phone found Wesbrook Mall Road on Village side around 5 today
38411 Clothing Jacket left at Parking and Access Desk Parking Area
38407 Glasses Eyeglasses found Between SUB and Koerner Pedestrian Area
38405 Jewelry Bracelet at Lasssere 1st Floor Other
38403 Camera Camera turned in from Ike Barber Learning Room 182 Library
38397 Electronics New I Clicker found outside bookstore Pedestrian Area
38393 Keys Single Key - NEST
38391 Books/Binders text book Other
38389 Clothing Hoodie Other
38387 Phone Found at Sustainability Office Other
38383 Glasses Found at Rose Garden Parking Area
38381 Keys keys Other
38379 Keys keys Other
38377 Wallet wallet (man's) Other
38375 Wallet wallet (man's) Other
38369 Glasses Sunglasses found in Law Library Library
38367 Clothing Hat with Daycare written on inside found in Law Library Library
38365 Books/Binders Paperback book left in Law Library Library
38363 Books/Binders Coiled notebook at Law Library Library
38361 Books/Binders textbooks Other
38359 Electronics clock Other
38357 Glasses sunglasses Other
38355 Electronics charger Other
38353 Camera camera Other
38351 Wallet purse Other
38347 Jewelry Ring found at EOS. Other
38345 Electronics printer Other
38343 Clothing coat Other
38341 Bag/Pack/Case back pack containing laptop & other items Other
38337 Electronics Charger cable Irving K Barber Library
38335 Electronics Charger cable Irving K Barber Library
38333 Electronics Charger Cable Irving K Barber Library
38331 Electronics Charger Cable Irving K Barber Library
38327 Electronics Charger Irving K Barber Library
38325 Glasses Sunglasses at Irving K Barber Library
38323 Clothing Tshirt at Irving K Barber Library
38321 Clothing Hoodie Irving K Barbrer Library
38319 Clothing Hoodie at Irving K Barber Library
38317 Phone Cellphone found at the Nest I Ladies Washroom Main Floor NEST
38315 Keys key Housing Area
38313 Wallet wallet (man's) Other
38311 Wallet wallet NEST
38309 Wallet Wallet Bookstore Other
38307 Glasses Case -Access desk Parking Area
38305 Glasses sunglasses Other
38303 Clothing sun hat (woman's) Pedestrian Area
38301 Glasses Case - Geography Other
38299 Bag/Pack/Case pencil case - LSK Other
38295 Glasses sunglasses NEST
38293 Phone phone NEST
38291 Jewelry bracelet NEST
38289 Jewelry bracelet NEST
38287 Electronics Charger NEST
38279 Clothing Sweater - Found at UBC Bookstore Other
38277 Bag/Pack/Case bag containing a number of items Other
38273 Glasses eye glasses Other
38259 Glasses sunglasses Other
38251 Glasses Eyeglasses outside Abdul Ladha on bench Pedestrian Area
38249 Wallet Wallet/pencil case - Scarfe Building Other
38247 Jewelry bracelet found in bookstore Aug 30/17
38243 Phone Phone found on road in village Other
38241 Books/Binders note book/day timer Library
38237 ID BC Driver License (female) Other
38235 ID Driver License (male) Other
38233 Glasses sunglasses Other
38229 Phone phone turned in to USB Reception at Noon today maybe lost at West Parkade Other
38227 Keys Keyless Car Remote found Audain Centre Stairwell Other
38225 Electronics Selfie Stick left at Access Desk Other
38223 Wallet wallet (woman's) Library