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E.g., 08/18/2017
Ticket # Item Type Item Description Item Image Location Found
38207 Keys Keys -Housing Housing Area
38205 Keys Keys -Housing Housing Area
38203 Keys Keys -Housing Housing Area
38201 Keys Keys -Housing Housing Area
38199 Bag/Pack/Case Glass Case Bookstore Shelves Other
38197 ID Brazilian ID - Housing Housing Area
38195 ID BCID - Student Housing Housing Area
38193 Clothing Hoodie found in Bookstore Other
38191 Clothing Hoodie left in Bookstore Other
38189 Bag/Pack/Case Shopping bag containing items NEST
38187 Bag/Pack/Case phone case found in Bookstore Other
38185 Bag/Pack/Case pencil case NEST
38183 Clothing Coat (young girl) Other
38181 Wallet wallet (man's) Other
38179 Bag/Pack/Case Small case with keys and parking clickers left at Dispute Station Parking and Access Desk inside Bookstore Other
38177 Keys Building Access Card - Found outside Bookstore Other
38175 Jewelry Bracelet found SW Marine on sidewalk Pedestrian Area
38171 Wallet wallet (man's) Parking Area
38169 Keys Keys found by bus stop in front of the Hospital. Other
38167 Electronics Travel Adapter - Found at EOS Other
38165 Jewelry Bracelet Other
38163 Jewelry Ring Other
38157 Other Retainer - Found in Hebb Washroom
38155 Glasses Sunglasses Other
38153 Keys Key and Fob Other
38151 Electronics camera Other
38149 Electronics charger Other
38147 Bag/Pack/Case Pencil Case Other
38145 Glasses Glasses Other
38143 Other Ball-Nest NEST
38133 Bag/Pack/Case Padfolio - Found in Buchanan Other
38129 Electronics Calculator. NEST
38127 Glasses NEST
38125 Phone Rose Garden. Other
38123 Clothing Dark blue jeans found at #4 bus stop. Other
38121 Electronics Charger found at Irving K. Barber. Library
38119 Clothing Brown cardigan found at Irving K. Barber. Library
38117 Clothing Denim jacket found at Irving K. Barber. Library
38115 Electronics Electronic cigarette found at the #84 bus stop. Other
38113 Clothing White child's hoodie found at The Bookstore. Other
38111 Bag/Pack/Case Pencil case - Found in unknown location Other
38109 Books/Binders Notebooks - Found in unknown location Other
38105 Phone Found in Bookstore
38101 Keys Keys found between Hebb and Ladha Bldg. Other
38097 Wallet Wallet - bookstore Other
38095 Wallet Small coin purse - Found at UBC Bookstore
38093 Bag/Pack/Case Change purse - Found at the UBC Bookstore Other
38089 Jewelry A ring found in The Kenny Bldg. Other
38087 Keys Keys found at EOS Bldg. Other
38085 Clothing Shirt with sunglasses found at The UBC Bookstore. Other
38081 Electronics Charger. NEST
38075 Jewelry Watch found outside The Nest. NEST
38073 Books/Binders Textbook found at Irving K. Barber. Library
38069 Bag/Pack/Case small Canvas Book bag - Unknown where found Other
38067 Glasses case, no glasses Library
38065 Glasses sunglasses Library
38063 Glasses sunglasses Library
38061 Clothing hoodie Library
38059 Clothing jacket (mens) Library
38057 ID Brazilian ID Other
38055 Glasses sunglasses Other
38053 Bag/Pack/Case suitcase Other
38051 Wallet Travelling bag found at SRC. Other
38049 Glasses sunglasses Other
38041 Glasses Sunglasses. NEST
38039 Glasses Sunglasses found at the UBC Bookstore. Other
38035 Keys Single Key - Found outside UBC Bookstore Other
38033 Other Car Fob - Found outside the UBC Bookstore
38027 Jewelry Necklace found by the UBC Hospital bus stop. Pedestrian Area
38025 Keys Car key Parking Area